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Piano Transport

Leinster Transport Services


We offer low cost piano transport for customers residing in Leinster.

Upright Piano Transport Only: 200
Upright Piano Transport + Tuning: 250
Upright Piano Transport + Tuning + Full Service: 300

Baby Grand Piano Transport Only: 300
Baby Grand Piano Transport + Tuning: 350
Baby Grand Piano Transport + Tuning + Full Service: 400

Grand Piano Transport Only: 400
Grand Piano Transport + Tuning: 450
Grand Piano Transport + Tuning + Full Service: 500

What is a Full Service? The inner working mechanism of your piano is called the Action and is meant to work and perform exactly as it was built by the original manufacturer. Periodic adjustments to the action must be made in order to correct problems generated through the wear and tear of natural time. Having the action serviced and regulated ensures that all its parts and points work collectively and perfectly together. 

A full piano service encompasses the entire workings of the piano, its overhaul and maintenance. The internal action is removed, pressure blasted free of dust, re-centered, and all moving points are lubricated to operate freely again. The hammers are re-aligned and free play is removed from keys and pedals. Pedals are then regulated to work more effectively. Finally, the piano is fully tuned to pitch.

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